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Dearest Biofeedback Family,

For so many years we have been organizing world biofeedback conferences and it has been so nice to gather friends and partners together. For more than 20 years on the market, it was delightful to see how our devices can change the lives of others. Day by day we are providing the best possible support and introducing new developments to the market.

Why did we decide to do it for free?

We all know how the current pandemic situation has changed everyday life, and in order to bring some light and positive energy, it is our honor to invite you to our VERY FIRST FREE ONLINE CONFERENCE, which will start on the 30th of October 2020 in the following Facebook group. Click here to go to the Facebook event.

When do we start?

We will have 8+1 speakers with different topics every Friday till the 18th of December.
Topics and schedule will be announced separately. A feedback form will be available online after every lecture.


If you fill out every form, you will participate in a raffle and you can win 4 different packages of CLASP PORTAL. The raffle will take place live on the 22nd of December. In order to let every one of you watch the lectures in different parts of the world, every lecture will be available for watching until Monday noon.

No registration - just click on the link and be with us.    Click here to link to Facebook.

Presentations documents:

After the lectures, you will be able to buy each pdf presentation for a minimal amount,  which will be 20€, through our webshop.

Speakers of the conference:

  • Ron Verhaeghe
  • Fernando Crespo-O'Neill
  • Filipa Pinto Cardoso
  • Fredy Vinagre
  • Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie
  • Sudha Ambikadas
  • Helena Simon
  • Andras Csaszi
  • Erik Pigani 

Just to mention some of our Speakers and their topics:

Ron Verhaeghe:

Computer purchasing tips, how to set up your new computer for high performance rather than the manufacturers default settings. How to fix basic problems by performing regular software and hardware maintenance.

Erik Pigani:

“What is ESP?
How to develop our extra-sensory perceptions to increase our healing potential.”

During this video conference, I will first explain how to activate the maximum of psychic protection with our software, an indispensable step in a process that calls upon our higher dimensions. Then, after a short theoretical presentation on what the term "ESP" (Extra Sensory Perceptions) really means, I will show some points to develop these skills (telepathy and clairvoyance), which can be useful to improve our intuition, our relationship with our clients' unconscious, and even our relationship with our quantum Biofeedback system.

Fredy Vinagre

“Boost the immunity"
Instead of focusing on the disease why don't you focus on health? Figure out how to boost your immune system with Clasp and how to deal with stress related to this pandemic state. Also, I will give an advanced class about one of the most powerful programs inside our software... The ”Dark Field.”

Andras Csaszi

How to deal with degeneration in a natural way!

More Speakers and topics are coming soon.

How long will the lectures be?

The duration of every lecture is 1.5 hours, plus 30 minutes for questions, which you can type in comments.

When with different time zones:

Every Friday, 1PM Eastern Time

We will be live in a Facebook group click here 

Everyone can invite friends, families, and loved ones to learn with us and get many positive feelings. Video on how to invite somebody to the group available on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch it.


The Team of Mandelay and all our partners have put together our efforts to organize this conference for you! The only thing we ask – please, enjoy, and be part of our Biofeedback Family.

Thank you all for watching us on Youtube!

BHO-Mandelay reached 1000 subscribers!

Our biofeedback family is extremely growing and learning.

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"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."

Kind Regards,

The Team of the Budapest Home Office

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