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Greetings Fellow Apartment Owners!

I am so happy to present you my Zoom interview with legendary Los Angeles Landlord Attorney Dennis Block. In this interview Dennis and I discuss how the Covid plandemic is affecting multifamily owners. And more importantly how landlords can protect themselves from these unconstitutional edicts these local and state elected employees are forcing on Landlords. 

If you own rental units DO NOT miss this interview. Dennis is a wealth of information for landlords and by following his suggestions you can avoid a lot of grief as you manage your building through the Covid BS. 

Dennis also talks about his groundbreaking lawsuit against the California Judicial Council. Dennis is a true warrior ONLY representing landlords. Please pass this video on to any landlords you know who need to informed on how to navigate through these interesting times that we are in.

Here is Dennis's website: Dennis ONLY represents landlords not tenants so you have a true warrior to help you fight.

Apartment owners… is it time to retire from the real estate biz? Thinking that it is finally time to retire and cash out? Well make sure you see my article and video “The Top Ten Mistakes Apartment Sellers Make” and learn how to avoid these common mistakes.

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