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Swim Spa Strokes

Here are some ideas for a great swim spa workout.

Free - Warmup

With the 2 River Jets on moderate speed, a high quality warmup is 50 strokes per arm (100 total).  Work down from 100 to 90, 80, 70, 60 and so on to 20.

0:20 rest between sets

Free - Sprinting

For a cardio blast and killer sprinting workout, set the 2 River Jets + the 3 Power Stream jets on high speed.  Attach swim tether and complete 6 sets taking 25 strokes per arm (50 total).  You will get tired!

0:15 rest between sets

Free - Distance

Depending on your level of swimming, you may adjust the 2 Rivet Jets + the 3 Power Stream jets for your individualized distance workout.

Complete 3 sets, 5:00 each


Turn on the 2 River Jets.  Take 20 strokes with high quality kicks.  Complete 10 sets.

0:15 rest between sets


Turn off all swim jets and attach the swim tether.  Take 25 strokes per arm (50 total).  Complete 10 sets.  Increase # strokes per arm for more distance work.

0:15 rest between sets


Turn off all swim jets and grab ahold of the swim bar.  Complete a kick set to a specific time or you may count your kicks.  Be sure to include dolphin kicks & breast kicks as well.

Kicking - Breaststroke

Turn off all swim jets and grab ahold of the swim bar.  Complete 50 high quality kicks working down from 50 to 40, 30, 20 and 10.

0:20 rest between sets


Using the 3 Power Stream Jets, you may complete kickboard sets to a specific time or you may count kicks.

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