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Coliday Newsletter & Updates

March 2020 - 1st Edition

Gains Are Lost When Market Reacts

The coronavirus stock market correction came on furiously last week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed 12.4%, the S&P 500 index 11.5% and the Nasdaq composite 10.5%. Those were their worst losses since 2008.1

Alternatives to Safeguard Your Money from Recent Market Crash

The total Annuity sales in 2019 was $241.7 billion.2 Now before you make a snap judgement (as many do when they see the word annuity), take a moment and find out just how much annuities can provide in retirement. If you are like most, you probably do not have a clear understanding of annuity can do for you and how it can safeguard your money. So let’s look at what a ...
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What Are Annuities?

Annuities can be a paramount way of saving for retirement. They are designed to assist in reaching long term financial goals such as the ability to create an income stream, put aside money for the future or to provide guaranteed lifetime income. Annuities also offer...

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Is the Coronavirus infecting your money?

This might be the time to look at finally diversifying a portion of your portfolio into something safe. My clients this week did not lose a dime in their safe money accounts because of the way we have it set up.
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