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Happy Monday to you and I hope you are enjoying the weather! With interest rates falling over the past few weeks, some of our clients are taking advantage and restructuring, refinancing their home loan(s).
Listen in to this short video and you'll hear a few different ways that are clients are taking advantage of the timing.
* Simple refinance into a lower rate or different program with lower PMI
* Mortgage consolidation with home equity loan or line of credit
* Mortgage and debt consolidation, to improve cash-flow and creating a plan to accelerate on the mortgage
* Restructuring their loan into a shorter term
* Renovation loan for home addition or renovations

And more... have questions or want to discuss... give us a call at 717-431-9299. And for disclosure purposes. (This is not a commitment letter and not everybody will qualify for a refinance of the scenarios posted here.)

All the best,

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