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Family Promise of Spokane



Hello Friends,

Family Promise is planning to move our Open Doors Emergency Shelter to a new building on 2002 E Mission Ave! We've been turning families away every night because we're out of room at our current facility. This new building means we'll be able to host more families and give them the dignity that they deserve! 

Of course renovating and outfitting this new building is a BIG project and we need a lot of help.


Join a Project Team!! :)

What does participating in a project team entail?  

1. Being willing to dedicate some time each week to work on a task ( it will vary by team and what you've chosen to take on). For example: calling paint companies to see if they'll donate paint or reaching out to your contacts to locate kitchen appliances. 

2. Communicating and meeting regularly with your project leads on the status of the project.

We have 4 projects teams: 

  1. Kitchen (design, function, operation, procedures, equipment, installation)
  2. Design (layout, function, flow, shopping list)
  3. Moving (Logistics)
  4. Painting - (Painting needs, locating paint donation , recruiting painters) 

Our kick off for teams is next week on Wednesday October 24th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. (You can still participate in a team even if you can't make the 24th). 

I can't join a team but I still want to help! 

1. Do you have a friend or family member who's a pipe-fitter, contractor, painter, designer ..etc? Connect us! We depend on your network to do what we do! 

2. Read about ways you can help! 

For questions contact Marianne at 

Marianne Sfeir

Volunteer & HR Manager

Family Promise of Spokane