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Hi Kens,

    Happy Friday and Happy Saturday... yesterday was a whirlwind and there is a really good video link below that I wanted to put in this week's, Ken's Korner... and I have trouble adding links when I do Ken's Korner via mobile.  So, that's one of the big reasons you are getting this today, Saturday and not our normal Friday morning delivery.    
     All that being said, do you know the best and worst times to make those FACEBOOK posts?  Listen in and here's one tip... avoid sending marketing content or doing social media posts late in the morning on weekends!!  Exactly when I'm sending this... 
      This content is good though, valuable, couldn't wait any longer... so while the timing may not be perfect, it's here now, for you.  Listen in for a couple of social media posting tips.  
     Oh yea, here's that special link... if you are on FB at all, you have probably seen a link or share of this video already.  Maybe not or maybe you haven't taken the time to watch as it's 23 minutes long.  Well, here's my advice... find 23 minutes and watch/listen.  You will smile and maybe even cry good tears...
Click on this link right here.    Not only did I find it ridiculously entertaining, I also found it quite motivational.  I hope you do too.

As Always,

To Your Success,
Ken and Your Home Buying Team at FAIRWAY

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