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Hi Kens, 
    Happy Friday and Spring is officially here!!  How do I know?  Well the buyer activity is crazy, colorful flowers are showing everywhere, I'm seeing lot's of green and I don't have to put my winter coat on in the morning.  
    See the chart on foot traffic thru March below... Not hard to see the steep rise!!  This is great news and hopefully one day soon, we'll see a steep rise in new listings too.  And keep fighting the three big myth's and we'll see even more traffic.    
     And listen in on this tip that one of our buyers just used to secure an offer.  

To Your Success,

Ken and Your Home Buying Team-Mates at FAIRWAY

PS:  Do you have questions, want to bump a scenario off us, looking for some marketing content or ideas?  Call us, maybe we can help.  You may be surprised at the resources we have available.  





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