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Hi Kens, 
Super Bowl Champions, the greatest pro Football Team in world, right now.  Would they win again, who knows, doesn't matter, they won the Big Game and are crowned... Super Bowl Champions.  
What can learn from The EAGLES and many Champions and Championship Teams.   In no particular order:
* Playing with a chip on your shoulder.  The Eagles felt disrespected all season and even thru the playoffs.  They thrived in the underdog role and really felt this.  Listen to this Parade Day Speech by Jason Kelce, here is the link.  Be warned, there is some rough language here.  

* Teamwork.  They set their ego's aside and were not concerned with their individual carries per game, targeted throws, not getting the ball enough.  Their goal was to win, and playing together with the common goal solidified this. 
* Faith.  This comes in many forms.  Does not have to be religious.  Faith in your team, faith in your Coach and organization.  Faith in the common goal.  Many on the team were not afraid to show their faith. 
* When it's your time, step up, gear up, show up and play.  Nick Foles took over the team and led them thru the playoffs.  He was ready, he stepped up and showed up and played.

* Humble... Ego is the Enemy.  Search my Facebook page for Nick Foles speech about failure.  Crazy.  
And there's more... however, this is enough for here.  Success can be modeled.  Learn, thrive, grow and soar like an E-A-G-L-E!!

To Your Success,

Ken and the TEAM at FAIRWAY  

Ken's Korner... Your source for news, tips, motivation and inspiration.
Kelce and be warned, there is some rough language here. 
Ken's Korner... Your source for news, tips, motivation and inspiration.