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Hi Kens, 
    Happy Groundhog Day and go ahead, take 1 minute and check out the live-stream of a large number of people waiting on Punxsutawney Phil!!  Somebody is having fun this morning... 

    ** WIRE FRAUD!!  Protect your clients, this problem is only going to get worse and yes, it's happening here in Lancaster.  You do NOT want this to happen to anybody, much less your own clients and sales.  Education is the KEY.   Use this flyer for your buyer/seller appointments.  Wire_Fraud2527946_WireFraudflyer_KP_01_2018.pdf  and avoid potential greater losses... Title Companies, Realtors and Real Estate Companies are getting sued because of this.  
    And here we go into the biggest Sports Weekend of the year... The Super Bowl and our local Eagles will be battling the Patriots for the honor of being the very best Football TEAM in the world, on Sunday.  A lot of effort, coaching, mentoring, fellowship, team-work, selflessness, planning and more go into a season and it builds each week and culminates on Sunday... only to start all over again.  Much like our business, you can't rest or lean on yesterday because today is a new day and there are 31 other teams, all gunning for the same prize.  
   I'm predicting an Eagles win... 24 to 20.  
         Go Eagles!  Enjoy the Game!  

To Your Success,
Ken and the Crew at FAIRWAY


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